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Dev Sujeeawon

Personal Trainer, Athlete & Director of Fit and Lead

Welcome to my website.
We are glad to have you here! Find all the services we are offering to you.
This website is dedicated to promoting fitness to support everyone who wants to be healthy and feel better in their body!

we are never tired of it, it’s our passion, we train like a machine, and we don’t have time to cry, no excuses, no time for bleeding… We are machines who keep hitting those plates and prevail in the field of fitness industry.

Do it or leave it!

it’s not hard to get and stay fit. It’s not about hard work and deprivation. It’s all about boundaries.

It's not fitness. It's life

Since I started bodybuilding and fitness 8 years ago, I have been swamped by questions about my diet and workout. Winning consecutive titles is certainly not an easy feat. It comes with great sacrifice, determination and hard work. It is a lifestyle on its own, and should you accept to embrace it; I will help each and every one of you chisel your body to perfection! The primary objective of creating this page is to push yourself to the limit, to motivate and force yourself off your chair and into a dynamic and healthy routine! Get a partner and share the word around, you are about to sweat! Work Hard. Stay strong.

The pain is here, I feel it in every part of my body.. It’s a pain of self satisfaction.. A pain that soothe my soul.. I embrace it in and out the gym.. The transformation process is not impossible, make it adventurous, challenge your soul.. And discover a new version of your being.

Awards 2011

Best Relooked model (Male) winner

Winner of Model.Mu (v2)

Mr North (category winner) & ranked 4th overall

Dance competition winner -Eastern University

Outstanding Achievement of the year-Eastern University

Awards 2012

Mr North (category winner)

Awards 2013

Mr Indian Ocean Men’s Body Fitness (overall winner)

Mr Mauritius (category winner)

Best Poser Young Talent at Universal Grand Prix International

Mr North (category winner)

Mr North Best Poser

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